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Have questions? We’ve got answers! Below, you’ll find various frequently asked questions (FAQ) by our customers. After reading these, should your question remain unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Why am I being charged a Service Call Fee (SCF) &/or Return Trip Fees (RTFs)?
at home repairTruly more than a convenience fee, the SCF helps offset the direct expense associated with providing convenient mobile services at your location. This includes liability insurance, round trip fuel, tolls, and vehicle maintenance. Additionally, this fee is charged for each new job. Perhaps we are delivering to you your completed equipment but you have new items that need service, what then? For all customers where completed equipment is being returned but new items have accumulated or need to be worked on, a new SCF applies. RTFs apply for each return visit of an initiated job for completion and cover the cost of fuel only. Please visit rencontre ados gay for a service area map and additional details about our coverage throughout Central Florida.
I would just like to know what is wrong with my equipment, do I still have to pay a Service Call Fee (SCF)?
Yes, a SCF applies to all new job visits along with your respective minimum labor charge(s). As much as we would like to offer courtesy visits, unfortunately, there is no way for us to get to your location and assess your equipment without the expense of fuel, our time, etc.
A Shop Fee was charged to my bill; what is it for and how is it calculated?
A Shop Fee is charged to all jobs requiring use of the Shop Trailer. While not an exhaustive list by any means, this fee provides partial coverage for direct expenses associated with eco-friendly fluid &/or parts disposal (i.e. waste generated from oil, fuel, blades, filters), generator use &/or maintenance, and shop supplies. Yes, we have to pay to dispose of this stuff! Perhaps you’re accustomed to seeing a percentage (%) fee for a Shop Fee, as most places charge? We believe in doing what is best for the customer and therefore, elect to charge flat rate amounts for our Shop Fee. There is no reason a Shop Fee should vary greatly based on the cost of your services; with that, we shy away from percentage (%) fees.
An Equipment Transport Trailer Use Fee was charged to my bill; what is it for and how is it calculated?
An Equipment Transport Flatbed Trailer Use Fee is charged to all jobs requiring use of the flatbed trailer. This fee is charged as a usage fee as well as an interruption of service; during this time, we cannot go from one customer to the next because we are without our Shop Trailer. Charged per combined retrieval and drop off to your location, this fee is separate from all SCF/RTFs. Remember, we are a mobile-only service and thus, do not allow customer self-drop to our location.
Why is my equipment not guaranteed to be fixed the same day?
While same day completion is something we strive for and truly desire, it is not possible for all forms of equipment or scenarios. Firstly, keep in mind there are varying brands, models, and types of equipment out there; beyond us being mobile, it is not feasibly possible for us to carry on hand, parts for such a wide array of equipment, especially those less common. Also, as a customer we do not expect you to know exactly what is wrong with your equipment (i.e. my drive belt is broken, safety switch is bad, etc); therefore, often times your generalized descriptive problem requires our expertise and assessment before we know exactly what to order, thus necessitating a return trip after parts are received. Now, that said, we can make assumptions as to what might be wrong based on your description and if requested, pre-order parts but the kicker to this is such that, whether these parts are needed or not when we assess your equipment, without exception, you will be their rightful owner, purchasing these special order items from us. Unfair as it may, this is the only way to keep our business thriving and inventory at a manageable level, keeping on hand only those parts that turn over readily. Without a doubt, based on some of the descriptions we have received versus what is truly wrong with the equipment, we would otherwise be busting at the seams with parts no one needs, not even you! 
As a Residential Customer, when is payment expected for services?
Payment is due at the time services are rendered. Depending on the expected cost of a service, requirement of special order parts, and whether or not A-1 Best Service deems the total substantial, A-1 Best Service may request payment in partial or full prior to service date.
How does A-1 Best Service differentiate between Residential and Commercial?
Any Customer operating under a business name/entity &/or utilizing equipment for non-residential purposes will be deemed a Commercial Customer of A-1 Best Service and thus billed at the current commercial rate.
As a Commercial Customer, what is the procedure for tax-exemption?
Invoice tax-exemption will only be granted to a Commercial Customer upon providing to A-1 Best Service sufficient documentation, including a valid Tax Identification Number, as required by the state of Florida.
As a Commercial Customer, when is payment expected for services?
For smaller business accounts, less than 10 employees, payment is due at the time services are rendered. For larger business accounts, 10 employees or more, payment is due and payable 30-days from the date the invoice is sent by A-1 Best Service (i.e. US Mail post-mark, date of email).
Why does being licensed and insured matter for me?
licensed and insured in FloridaIf an uninsured, unlicensed business comes to your location, you are liable should any injury occur during that time. Simply put, we do not want that weight on your shoulders; without question, A-1 Best Service has the best interest of our customers in mind! After a quick search within Central Florida, you will find A-1 Best Service is one of the few at home lawn mower repair businesses that is licensed and insured; the majority are not.
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