Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions apply to the use of A-1 Best Service’s website as well as all Service Calls, whether scheduled or performed. Information, including pricing, may be updated or changed without notice. A-1 Best Service, LLC reserves the right to refuse service or terminate accounts if A-1 Best Service, LLC believes that the Customer is violating said Terms & Conditions, as specified.

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Service Call(s) & Same-Job Return Trip Service Call(s).
The Customer agrees to pay their respective Service Call Fee (SCF) as charged by A-1 Best Service for each initial, per job visit. Should A-1 Best Service have to make subsequent return visits for job completion, regardless of the reason, the Customer is subject to and agrees to cover additional charges for fuel expense per additional visit, also known as Return Trip Fee (RTF). If equipment has to be trailered via flatbed, the Customer is subject to and agrees to pay to a Flatbed Trailer Transport Fee. While same day completion is something we strive for and truly desire, it is not possible for all forms of equipment. There are varying brands, models, and types of equipment out there; beyond us being mobile, there is no way for a shop to carry on hand, parts for such a wide array of equipment, especially those less common.
Scheduled Service Call, Failed Attempt(s).
If A-1 Best Service presents for a Service Call as scheduled and the Customer is not available, unless prearranged, the Customer agrees to pay 100% of the SCF plus the minimum labor charge for each failed attempt. For the latest information on minimum billable labor requirements per Service Call, visit the respective section of A-1 Best Service’s website. An invoice with such fees will be generated and sent to the Customer via email or US Mail and is due within 30-days of date of invoice.
Service Call Cancellation & Cancellation Fee(s).
Any Service Call cancelled or rescheduled by the Customer less than 48 hours prior to intended Service Call is subject to a Cancellation Fee (CF). Please understand that just like a doctor’s office appointment, a customer’s scheduled appointment bars someone else from obtaining that respective time-slot; the 48 hour cancellation restriction is put in place to allow enough time to hopefully fill that vacancy should a customer need to cancel or reschedule. With a less than 48 hour notice, the Customer agrees to pay a CF equivalent to 100% of the Customer’s respective SCF (i.e. SCF $35, CF $35). An invoice with such fees will be generated and sent to the Customer via email or US Mail and is due within 30-days of date of invoice.  
Shop Fee(s).
The Customer agrees to pay the Shop Fee as charged by A-1 Best Service for jobs requiring use of the Shop Trailer. To name a few, this fee provides partial coverage for direct expenses associated with eco-friendly fluid &/or parts disposal (i.e. waste generated from oil, fuel, blades, filters), generator use &/or maintenance, and shop supplies. We elect to charge flat rate amounts for our Shop Fees over variable percentage fees as there is no reason a Shop Fee should vary greatly based on the cost of your services.
Service Provider Warranty Claim(s) & Repair.
A-1 Best Service is able to perform warranty work for any company in which we are an authorized Service Repair Center. However, A-1 Best Service will not begin a warranty job until the respective Warranty Provider has authorized the claim for an amount that sufficiently covers services needed. Additionally, the Customer agrees to pay their respective SCF &/or RTF, as charged by A-1 Best Service, in addition to any balance remaining not covered by the Warranty Provider for all mobile services provided on any warranty claim. It is understood by the Customer that SCFs/RTFs are generally not covered by Warranty Providers.
Service Guarantee or Warranty Provided by A-1 Best Service.
A-1 Best Service offers a limited warranty or service guarantee, providing a maximum of 30-days coverage on most services. The limited warranty varies per job, decided upon by A-1 Best Service. Service guarantee is valid for a maximum of 30-days, starting the day of service completion and ending at the close of business on the last day. Please note, the date of service completion may vary from the date of invoice; the date of invoice will not be utilized in calculating the service guarantee or warranty period. Used or customer-provided parts are sold as is and thus come without replacement warranty for parts or labor. When A-1 Best Service recommends part replacement (i.e. drive, deck belt, carburetor) and the Customer opts to not replace continuing with the “old part,” a job of this nature needing rework will be at an additional charge to the Customer. All used belts (i.e deck or drive belt) put back on come with no service guarantee of duration. The limited warranty does not apply to problems not addressed by A-1 Best Service, both initially and at rework. A-1 Best Service will use their discretion in determining whether the problem occurring is the same problem previously addressed by A-1 Best Service; any service not found to be defective in parts or labor provided will be the responsibility of the Customer. Customer account or invoice credits will not be granted for reworks done by other companies; A-1 Best Service must be notified within the allotted time frame of and given the opportunity to rectify said problem. Beyond the period of the specified limited warranty or service guarantee, all standard rates apply. Limited warranties or service guarantees are non-transferable. 
Part(s), Special Order(s), & Restocking Fee(s).
Job estimates are given to those Customers whom request an estimate in writing; estimate approval is granted by your subsequent appointment scheduling, stating verbally (phone or in person), or replying in written word or QuickBooks authorization of the estimate.  Any Customer requesting or needing parts not readily available by A-1 Best Service will be responsible for the item(s) once the order is requested by the Customer. The Customer is responsible for all items invoiced, both installed and/or special order requested. Once installed, any and all parts are non-returnable. For popular equipment brands &/or models, a Restocking Fee of up to 50% of each uninstalled item’s MSRP plus S&H Charges will be billed to the Customer of any order cancelled (i.e. Item MSRP $149.99, Restock Fee $74.99 + S&H). For uncommon &/or commercial grade equipment, the Customer must purchase from A-1 Best Service the requested uninstalled special ordered parts. A-1 Best Service is unable to cancel or return ordered items, and therefore holds the Customer accountable for such items. An invoice with such fees will be generated and sent to the Customer via email or US Mail and is due within 30-days of date of invoice. 
Part(s) for Service Provided by Customer(s).
A-1 Best Service will perform service on equipment in which the Customer(s) provides the part(s). Under these circumstances, however, A-1 Best Service offers no guarantee or warranty on the associated work &/or parts.
Residential Customer(s) Service.
For Residential Customers, unless otherwise specified, payment is due at time services are rendered, for all items invoiced. Depending on the expected cost of a service, requirement of special order parts, and whether or not A-1 Best Service deems the total substantial, A-1 Best Service may request payment in partial or full prior to service date.
Commercial Customer(s) Service.
Any Customer operating under a business name/entity &/or utilizing equipment for non-residential purposes will be deemed a Commercial Customer of A-1 Best Service and thus billed at the current commercial rate. Invoice tax-exemption will be granted to a Customer upon providing to A-1 Best Service sufficient documentation, including a valid Tax Identification Number, as required by the state of Florida. For smaller business accounts, less than 10 employees, payment is due at time services are rendered, for all items invoiced. For larger business accounts, 10 employees or more, payment is due and payable 35-days from the date of invoice by A-1 Best Service, for all items invoiced. 
Acceptable Forms of Payment.
A-1 Best Service gladly accepts all forms of payment, although cash &/or check remain the preferred method. Because of the convenience of electronic payments, they are associated with higher costs – for customers and businesses, alike. When paying by Credit Card, Debit Card, or any other form of electronic payment, the Customer is subject and agrees to pay A-1 Best Service a Convenience Charge (CC) of up to 4% of the invoice total, if A-1 Best Service elects to do so. If charged, this CC will be reflected on the invoice(s) where electronic payment was accepted and charged out accordingly. Once electronic payment is processed, the CC is deemed non-refundable/non-reversible. It is important to note, A-1 Best Service is unable to accept electronic forms of payment in areas without cellular service.
Failure to Pay, Late Fee(s).
Customer account balances or invoices are not up for negotiation and must be paid by the respective “Due Date.” The Customer agrees that failure to pay invoices when due will result in Late Fee(s) (LF). A LF is equivalent to 10% of the original pre-tax invoice and will be assessed each 30-days beyond original due date, incurred in full at the start of each 30-day period (i.e. Bill Due May 1. LF incurred on May 2, and again May 31, etc). LF(s) will be billed to the Customer accordingly and are deemed non-refundable/non-reversible. If the Customer’s email address is on file with A-1 Best Service, an updated invoice with LF(s) may be sent at the time a LF is assessed, serving as a notification to the Customer of their past-due account and bill outstanding. In the absence of a Customer’s email address, A-1 Best Service may send an updated invoice with the LF(s) to the address of record via US Mail on the first LF and on average every 30-days beyond the original due date as a notification of the past-due account and bill outstanding. Furthermore, it is understood and agreed upon by the Customer that A-1 Best Service may contact the Customer of a past-due account by other means, including but not limited to phone, visitation to business &/or residence address, place of employment, social media (i.e. Facebook, Linked In, Customer’s Business Website), for remittance of past due account. Failure to pay charges invoiced, including LFs, within 90-days of the original invoice &/or date of service may result in legal pursuance as well as a mechanic’s lien on any equipment involved. In the event A-1 Best Service seeks collection or legal services in attempt to collect payment on any account outstanding, the Customer is fully responsible for all monies outstanding and associated fees, including but not limited to court and legal fees.
Insufficient Funds.
For each payment returned secondary to non-sufficient funds (NSF), the Customer agrees to pay A-1 Best Service a $35 fee, all respective bank charges incurred to A-1 Best Service’s account, and the invoiced amount in full at the time of notification. Any amount not paid at the time of notification is subject to LFs in the same manner as specified above.
Mailing List & Future Contact from A-1 Best Service.
By contacting A-1 Best Service via email or providing your email at the time of service, you are agreeing to be placed on our Exclusive Customer List. If you wish to unsubscribe, you can do so through the bottom of a newsletter. We do not sell, share, or otherwise distribute your email address in any manner whatsoever.
The Customer’s request for service, acceptance of service, and/or invoice serves as an agreement to the above Terms & Conditions and to pay all monies outstanding, inclusive of any fees, on respective services as performed by A-1 Best Service, LLC for a Customer Account.